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Applying C-Suite Headhunting Methodology to CDL Driver Recruiting

Recruiting CDL drivers is one of the biggest challenges for transportation and logistics companies. At the same time, it’s also one of the most lucrative opportunities in logistics.

In this article, we’ll go over why the C-suite recruiting method works so well for finding CDL drivers, and how you can use it to find the best CDL driver candidates for your team.

CDL drivers are on the frontlines pushing businesses forward. They are the vital connection between you and your customers. Treating them with authority and respect warrants a much more lucrative relationship. That’s what C-suite headhunting provides, and that’s why it should be applied to CDL recruiting.

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What is C-Suite headhunting?

CDL driver recruiting.  C-suite headhunting for CDL drivers

Headhunting means that you’re looking for someone who isn’t actively looking for a new job, but would potentially be interested in your position. It is a method of hiring that focuses on finding the right people who have the skills and experience necessary to hold higher positions in a company.

C-suite executives are the highest-ranking members of an organization, often including the CEO, COO, CFO, and other senior-level executives. These roles require candidates with years of experience in their field and proven leadership ability.

C-suite recruitment can be compared to fishing in a very small pond—you know exactly where to fish and what kind of bait to use (the ideal candidate), so your chances of catching something are high.

 For CDL driver recruiting, taking a c-suite approach can lead you to prospects that are reliable, educated, and ready for their role.

Why does C-Suite recruitment methodology work so well?

C-suite recruitment methodology is effective because it means you’re going to get your candidates from the top. That’s what makes headhunting so powerful; by targeting high-level executives (or in the case of CDL recruiting, experienced and capable CDL drivers), you are looking for people who have already demonstrated their ability to succeed in a variety of situations and who are willing to step into new roles armed with the tools and skills necessary to get the job done well.

You may be wondering why this is such an effective strategy when we can find CDL drivers through more traditional recruiting techniques like job boards and social media ads. After all, isn’t that where most companies look when they need employees?

The answer is yes, you’re right—but not all job postings attract the same caliber of talent as others do.

In fact, some positions attract more than enough applicants while others end up going unfilled because they don’t have anything close enough in terms of qualifications or education level required by employers’ needs at that time (or even if there was something available).

Simply put, posting to a job board is a passive way of finding drivers. Headhunting, on the other hand, is a much more proactive approach. It involves direct communication, outreach, and building a relationship. Waiting for job posting results won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Inflection Poynt’s proactive method of CDL driver recruitment will.

How does C-Suite headhunting methodology differ from contingency recruitment?

C-suite headhunting is a long-term solution to recruitment, and contingency recruitment–or using a staffing/temp agency– is short-term and unsustainable, and here’s why:

  • It’s not sustainable for the driver, who will likely burn out on the work.
  • It’s not sustainable for you, because they won’t stay if they aren’t happy. Higher turnover means more costs to your bottom line.
  • And it’s not sustainable for your company or community, because this approach puts undue pressure on drivers to drive as much as possible in order to make up their paychecks.

C-suite headhunting methodology is the best way to recruit CDL drivers. It is more effective than contingency recruitment by providing better candidates and treating them with respect. Using the C-suite recruitment approach will increase your chances of finding high-quality talent who will last longer in the job and stop the cycle of contingency recruiting.

CDL drivers are in high demand and they know it

CDL drivers hold a position of power. They have the skills and experience to do the job well and they know that there is high demand for their services.

They are also aware that there is a shortage of qualified drivers out there—a shortage caused by the demand for goods and services that continues to grow exponentially every year. This means that headhunting companies like Inflection Poynt will continue to encourage our clients to offer competitive compensation packages.

Taking an executive headhunter approach to finding CDL drivers

CDL recruitment is a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be.

When your company needs to find CDL drivers, you’re likely dealing with a specific set of requirements and a lot of competition from other companies. This means that you need to be strategic about your approach.

Social Recruiting

Trucker on his phone looking at social media

Social recruiting means using social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to find potential employees through networking opportunities or advertisements on those sites.

This type of recruiting works especially well when combined with other methods such as referrals from current employees or job fairs where you meet potential hires face-to-face. Social recruiting, also a method used by headhunters, provides a high level of success whether you combine with other recruiting tactics or not.

Guidance from job presentation to engagement to hiring

When you need to hire CDL drivers, it can be a complicated process. You want the best candidates, but how do you get them? It’s not enough to simply post and pray.

Inflection Poynt’s proprietary methodology is designed to engage with candidates at every stage of the hiring process, so that we can make sure they’re the right fit. This includes:

  • Engaging in a conversation with each candidate to determine their skills and interests
  • Carefully presenting the job details  so that they know what it is before applying
  • Remaining hands-on throughout the entire CDL driver recruiting and hiring process

We believe that our thorough approach to recruiting CDL candidates gives us an advantage over other companies who may not take as much time or effort during this process.  Finding employed candidates, those who are less likely to job hop, and candidates who are not after a sign-on bonus is our specialty. This is the top-tier talent you need, and we know how to secure it.

Drivers are treated with respect during and beyond the CDL recruitment process

The recruitment process for CDL drivers is often a rigorous one, but it’s not just about finding the right driver for the job. It’s also about treating that person with the utmost respect and dignity.

We understand that CDL drivers are more than just hands behind a wheel who get your commodities from A to B. They’re what drives business forward, figuratively and literally! As such, they deserve to be treated with respect and with competitive compensation. Inflection Poynt strives to provide individual care to each candidate throughout and beyond the hiring process.

We avoid automated-only recruiting methods for this reason: to give our drivers the type of human treatment they deserve.  The real bottom line that we perpetuate with our clients and our drivers is that employees that feel cared for and well-respected are more likely to stay. And that’s the Inflection Poynt way.

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