Candidate Services

Utilizing technology, we can automate the process top-tier headhunters use to find and contact strong candidates. In all of our services we hunt, we do not post and pray.

Staying One Step Ahead

“I used to get frustrated when I saw competitors copying our approach. But then I came to realize that every time that happens, it is a real proof point that we are doing things better…and they can see it.”

-Mark Mutton, CEO Inflection Poynt

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Monthly Talent Sourcing Service

Our unique approach is designed specifically to solve the most challenging hiring needs in your industry. We apply our Smart Sourcing engine to solve your organizational gaps at any level. The Inflection Poynt difference is an approach aimed to drastically improve the trajectory of your sourcing and hiring success rates.

Nothing But the Best

Our focus is to bring your quality, trustworthy, and qualified candidates. We are in the business of finding you the right people.

Tech-Driven Hunting

Let Inflection Poynt do the vetting and scour through resume databases to handpick the best candidates.

Cost Effective Sourcing

Eliminate your time and expense on job boards and let us funnel quality candidates to you, fast.

Innovative Recruiting

We have a team of contractors who are specialists in their fields. From Engineers to A-Techs, our team of contractors has a minimum of 20 years of experience in their respective fields. They vet candidates to make sure they are more than good talkers.

When you hire us to find you the perfect candidate, we use our proprietary sourcing algorithms to target and present the opportunity in front of as many top-quality, qualified candidates as possible.

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diversity services

Diversity and Inclusion

One common issue many organizations face in achieving their diversity goals is not having a sufficient supply of diverse quality candidates. The talent and skills exist, but it is just a matter identifying the right mix of diverse backgrounds and bringing them together.

Educating from Within

From the start, the focus becomes one of showcasing the benefits of a diverse workforce which ranges from minorities, under skilled talent who need certain certifications, women, younger talent, or even working mothers.

Diversifying the Search

Our algorithms utilize local demographic data, Census data, and jobs reports to develop an action plan with achievable sourcing goals. The action plan serves to focus resources on getting in front of the right candidates.

Activating Partnerships

We contact local outreach programs and utilize our relationships with various national associations to identify individuals within a small geographic region who can generate the diverse perspectives that so many of our clients seek.

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