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It’s simple. You need a solution to your hiring problem and time is of the essence. We bring character, experience, and a proven solution. You can focus on the applicants themselves instead of how to find them. Leave candidate pipeline management to us.

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Why Inflection Poynt?

Build Your Candidate Pipeline


Inflection Poynt is a Veteran-owned business leveraging a synergistic marketing approach to connect qualified candidates to employers through our smart sourcing model. Inflection Poynt’s solution mines data across the web to identify the strong points of existing employment and social platforms.

Consultative Approach

Our team includes individuals with a proven track record of success in various industries. If your company needs help finding direction or needs a second opinion on your path forward, we are happy to provide perspective as a complementary offering paired with our services

Proven Product

Multiple Fortune 500 clients have tested us against the competition and greeted us with a smile and invitation to continue business after seeing our ability to outperform the competition

Research Driven Hiring Campaigns

Guessing only introduces volatility. We focus our efforts on being well-researched and backing our prospective and recommendations up with data. You may grow to trust us and “take our word for it”, but rest assured that we will always have data to back up our claims and recommendations.

Agile and Adaptable

By understanding an organization’s detailed needs and long-term targets, we can design an adaptable solution that delivers results. Our focus is one of proactive quality. Competitors rely on a reactive support model, but we know that our clients aren’t looking for a better job “next time” so we bring superb quality and attention to our client’s needs.

100% Domestic Support

We are fully invested in our product and support. Any issues that may arise will be treated with care, urgency, and quality by a local support team expert

From Onboarding to Hire

Our Hiring Campaign Process

When you begin working with Inflection Poynt, you will be assigned a dedicated client success specialist who will work with you and your hiring team from the beginning of your hiring campaign through the end, providing you with daily candidate updates, weekly status reports, and additional support throughout the process as needed to support your hiring goals.

Kickoff Meeting

To get started, we schedule a kick-off meeting for every market with your hiring manager and HR talent to get a better understanding of needs, requirements, and local market dynamics including sources of candidates. We also establish hiring goals and expectations for the campaign.

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Market Deep Dive

A market analysis is performed that includes compensation, competitiveness, active vs passive job seekers, and a list of companies with skilled drivers.

Ad Development and Review

Customized ads are launched across social media and the web to attract qualified job candidates. They will answer an initial talent screening and if they are a good fit, will be presented with the job and opportunity.

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Resume Database & API Configured

With access to millions of resumes on the big job boards, Inflection Poynt has a proprietary search API that identifies candidates who meet the requirements set in the kick-off meeting and automatically presents the job opportunity to them.

Qualified Candidates Ushered to You

Any qualified candidates are given a link to your Applicant Tracking System’s (ATS) job application and prompted to fill it out. When it is completed, we add their information to your candidate dashboard, where you can track their hiring progress. We offer full candidate pipeline management.

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Ready to Learn More?

Looking to start recruiting for your business? Contact us, and we will be happy to provide your team with more information.