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Inflection Poynt provides quality candidates to clients across a variety of industries. We apply best practices to every new project in all industries and address the unique needs of each job sector we serve.

on the road driver recruiting

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Over The Road

Effective logistic operations fuel the American economy. There has been no more clear example of this than the movement of goods in 2020 and 2021. As shelves emptied and new product demand surfaced, the transportation industry answered. As medical equipment and supplies were needed to save lives, the transportation industry delivered. These efforts not only brought the American economy back to normal, it’s a new normal, a better normal.

Inflection Poynt proudly supports over the road companies and we’re excited to provide CDL driver sourcing services that help keep America running.

collect trash and deliver quality with our applicants

Waste Collection

The waste collection industry is vital to every neighborhood. Finding new applicants to resolve your staffing concerns shouldn’t be top of mind for your operation. However, that may not be your organization’s reality. 

Let Inflection Poynt demonstrate our proven waste collection driver sourcing service. We will eliminate your concern for new applicants, need to offer costly hiring incentives, and most importantly, your imbalance in P&L due to excessive overtime cost.

construction driver recruiting
recycling recruiting

focus on the planet. we'll take care of the applicants


The recycling industry serves multiple vital functions for local communities. Not only are you removing renewable items, but also serving as a conduit to bring those items back to life in the form of new consumable products.

Don’t let hiring issues slow your ability to efficiently deliver on this important function. Inflection Poynt will keep your candidate applicant pipeline full so that you can keep your operation running.

protect the cash while we protect your hiring needs

Armored Delivery

It’s a common story we hear from operations management in the armored cash services industry. Missed routes are unacceptable to the business and especially to the customer. If the workforce is ready, the operation is prepared to service all locations everyday. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and that can make things difficult for everyone.

Don’t wait until missed routes become escalations. Let Inflection Poynt find qualified CDL Drivers with current firearms licenses and clear driving records. Our system can deliver on this need, even in the most challenging hiring areas.

armored car recruiting
school bus drivers

Parents trust you. trust us to keep you staffed

Bus Driving

While working with various school district transportation departments, we have gained a great appreciation for the importance of keeping the buses running. However, it doesn’t stop there. Every community expects trustworthy, qualified personnel when it comes to transporting children to and from school. That is why strict requirements are set and enforced.

Inflection Poynt will work as an extension of your organization to source the best bus driver candidates fully meeting all expectations and requirements. Come find out how our bus driver sourcing service can work for you.

If you are in an industry not listed above feel free to reach out!

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