Inflection Poynt

Delivering qualified job candidates

Inflection Poynt is a smart sourcing recruiting company that delivers qualified job candidates. We customize the hiring experience to your exact criteria and find qualified candidates through proactive outreach, AI, and targeted adversiting.

Learn how Inflection Poynt supports organizations of all sizes

Proven, data-driven success
Candidate quality
One-time, fixed-fee billing
Full-time client support and dedication
Stack of 4 blocks with IP on top and available, transparent, interest, and data driven down the side.

Data-driven technology

Built on a foundation of technology and proprietary systems.
Industry-leading technology maximizes hiring success.
Adaptable technology customized around specific job roles.

“We hired 10 drivers in our first month using Inflection Poynt, and 6 more in our second month. In what had been, up to that point, our hardest market.”

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Brandon Weems, Director Of HR – AMWaste, MM

Market Analytics stack - Reliable Section - Private, Relevant, Definitive

Qualified candidates who are ready to work

Candidates are delivered in real-time, ready for a job offer.
Delivered directly to your ATS.
Hiring campaigns are built to suit client and organizational needs.

“I’ve used Facebook, I’ve used Zip Recruiter, I’ve used Indeed and I’ve never had any luck with those.”

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Bobby Lee, President – Ecotech, LLC

Block with interest on the side and engagement, qualified, and ready on the top.

Fixed, flat-rate billing

Campaigns have a one-time, fixed fee.
No additional costs per hire or per qualified candidate.

“Inflection Poynt has been absolutely great for us, we’ve seen better candidates than we’ve seen through other programs.”

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Brandon Weems, Director Of HR – AMWaste, MM

Block with transparent on the side and honest, cost effective, and simple on the top.

Full-time, designated client support

Hiring campaigns come with full-time support from a client success manager.
Campaigns are monitored daily to ensure and measure hiring success.
Full-service candidate sourcing platform committed to hiring success.
Each hiring campaign is treated with individual care.

“I have never worked with a team so dedicated to making sure our market was fully staffed. Inflection Poynt is the dream team.”

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Jason Bozich, HR Manager – LRS

Block with available across the side and understanding, support and communication on top.

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