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How I Apply Lessons Learned from time in USAF

The values and principles gained during my time in the USAF have given me tremendous advantages when pursuing my dream of helping blue-collar workers find the best possible job to support their families.  Here are a few behaviors and traits which help Inflection Poynt be so successful:

What are the benefits of being a Veteran-owned business?

  1. Teamwork
  2. Discipline
  3. Leadership
  4. Ability to work in stressful environments
  5. Dedication and focus

Teamwork – The military is almost entirely focused on teamwork.  There is no individualism you are one unit and are taught very early on to use your strengths to help others’ weaknesses and others to use their strengths to augment your weakness.   You provide the right resources necessary to accomplish the mission.  Our ability to utilize everyone’s past experiences and ideas to locate and contact quality CDL drivers are purely the benefit of teamwork. 

Discipline – Understanding how to keep the team focused despite all the distractions in the world today is vital to production and ultimately success.  Applying systems used in the USAF and creating business strategies so all team members know exactly what to do and are held accountable.

Leadership – Everyone is different.  They have different wants, needs, and desires.  A leader must recognize that people come from diverse backgrounds and have unique perspectives on just about everything. The ability to utilize everyone’s past experiences and ideas to locate and contact quality CDL drivers is purely the benefit of leadership.  Motivating the team to accomplish challenging goals through understanding the “why” in their own unique way

Stress – At times running a small business can be incredibly stressful.  Learning how to recognize stress and channel reactive energy into productivity is a trait I appreciate most from my time in service

Dedication and focus – Treating your team with respect and emphasizing each person’s value often helps them to dedicate energy and focus to their current objectives.  It reinforces confidence which is key to growing productivity.

There are many advantages to partnering with a Veteran-owned small business.  The two most important being genuine focus on loyalty and excellence in all we do.

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